Friday, September 24, 2010

Another blog!

Haha, I went to log into my old Blogspot blog today and realized I forgot the password and e-mail I was using! Well, I guess I'll go for another fresh start!

So next month (October) I will be registering for college classes. Probably at the local community college. My plan is to attend there for a semester or two and then either register at one of the local nursing schools or at the nearest state university (which is about thirty miles north on the Interstate). Hopefully I can make up my mind as to where I'm going during the next six months.

The whole indecisiveness towards my future has been a major source of anxiety for me. I have a great fear of becoming useless or obsolete. I don't want to wake up in my late twenties, early thirties without a future ahead of me. It's also worth mentioning that the man I have been serious with for the last nearly seven months will have a PHD. in bio-genetics in three years and is only one year my senior in age. That puts a little pressure on me to get going. I guess it's more a matter of self-esteem than anything, but I DESERVE to build a future for myself. I feel we all have a right to happiness, and if having a sense of accomplishment and self-worth is what brings that happiness forward, then go for it, dammit!

Speaking of happiness, I am enchanted with this new music video for CocoRosie's "Lemonade:"

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