Friday, September 24, 2010


So recently I have become obsessed with finding unusual, but fun and attractive clothing options! I have even been giving serious thought to making some of my own pieces, even though the only sewing I've ever done was in a highschool textiles class. I made a vest with full interfacing and lining which actually looked pretty good... Until I tried it on and realized it was too short in the back and the hemming was lop-sided.

One of my recent fascinations have been Elizabethan-style neck ruffs. I LOVE them, particularly the soft ones. Traditionally, ruffs are wheel-shaped and made of highly starched, stiff linen. Soft ruffs are just that. Soft, fluffy, and without ten pounds of starch worked into the pleats. Call me crazy, but I think the following would look great over a floaty silk shirt, maybe navy in color, with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans tucked into some good boots:

I've figured out a very lazy, no-sew way to make something similar... But in kind of a trashy way, haha. I bought six yards of tulle yesterday in two shades of cream and some elastic from a local Hancock Fabric store. I'm going to make a tutu! For my neck! Haha, and maybe two small ones to use as cuffs. They'd probably work over a turtle neck rather well.

It might sound like a strange way to dress, but ever since I was in middle school I was frustrated at the lack of interesting options for menswear. A buttdown shirt with stripes, a buttondown shirt with plaid, a buttondown shirt with a tie, maybe throw in a vest if you want to get crazy. Well, now that I am an adult I'm going to dress myself in whatever "weird" way I want.


  1. Nice post, good luck with your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. lol thats funny keep up your unusual style!

  3. This blog is kickin. and it seems like she's a girl. But all men have a feminine side lol