Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old School Love

I have been hooked on this track lately. It's a remix of the Zeal Palace theme from the classic SNES game, Chrono Trigger. Zeal was always my favorite part of the game. For those who aren't familiar with CT, Zeal was a skyborn floating continent in the far past (the dark ages) of the game's history. It was inhabited by humans who had the ability to use magic, and studied the mysteries of the universe through dreams. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I've always had an interest in the Atlantis myth, and that may be why Zeal has always been so fascinating to me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love Rocks

I collect a few things. Clothes, jewelry (specifically rings, more specifically sterling and gemstone), and beads. Last night I began my latest endeavor to combine the latter most two. So I consulted eBay for ideas, and decided on a multi-strand design with a big-ass pendant. I have had some amazonite chips lying around and decided I wanted to use them because their color is a good match for my favorite ring, which has a big square cabochon of chrysoprase (raw gem is pictured right). Prehnite (the light, clear green stone chips) is another favorite stone of mine, and I decided the colors worked well enough to use them both. Also I have a prehnite ring that I love but the stone is loose so I don't wear it right now.

Ta daaa! It took a little while because chip beads are irregular (obviously) so it takes a little longer to find the hole and string them, but joining the wires at the ends was the biggest pain in the ass. I accidentally cut the first two wires too short, so I realized (too late) I had very little slack to work with. Trying to get short wires into a loop around a chain and then back through a crimp bead is meticulous work. Too meticulous for me, because I gave up and just used bead tips instead (which worked out really well actually). The pendant by the way is a big slice of dyed turquoise, about three inches long. The small yellow/green rounds are some yellow jade I've had for a while and didn't know what to do with. I'm pretty happy with it, but the loop holding the pendant on I might rework later because there's a little slack which shows the wire between beads. I already have requests from some friends to make them some accessories, too!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Jennifer's Body

I just watched this movie the other night on HBO and found it surprisingly entertaining. It stars the gorgeous Megan Fox as well as the also beautiful Amanda Seyfried. If you haven't seen this movie, skip this entry because I'll spoil it for you. It's part chick flick, part horror film. The story goes that Jennifer (Fox) and Needy (Seyfried) and high school students and were childhood best friends, although in their adolescence they have drifted apart. Jennifer, a common element in any high school, is beautiful, popular, two-faced, bitchy, and kind of a slut, but also deeply insecure, unsure of herself, and doesn't have many close friends. In fact, though not as close as they used to be, Needy would be the closest thing to a BFF she has.

When a mediocre indie band comes to perform at a high school band, Jennifer gets rather friendly with them, even throwing out the falsehood that she is a virgin (which Needy explains later hasn't been true since junior high). Later that night, Jen goes for a ride with the band in their old van and becomes worried when she notices the abundance of occult paraphernalia. When they refuse to let her leave the van, she panics and they restrain her, then taking her to a small cliff out in the woods overlooking a waterfall. There, they gag her and bind her to a large, table-like stone before explaining that they plan on using her as a virgin sacrifice to procure their fame. She is then stabbed multiple times and bled after a short incantation.

Jennifer later explains to Needy that she somehow found her way back to her childhood BFF's house, but along the way she ripped apart and ate a foreign exchange student. Apparently Jennifer was resurrected, but she has a deep feeling of hunger that can only be sated by human flesh. After she has been filled, her skin is bright, her hair is shiny, and she can endure great wounds that heal within moments. When she is empty, she becomes weak and ugly... Well, ugly for Megan Fox anyway (which isn't bad at all).

After a series of local murder/mutilations, Needy begins her own research into the occult and discovers that the original ritual that turned her childhood friend into a flesh hungry monster should have left her dead... If she had been a true virgin. Since she was no longer an unopened flower however, she became a demon of sorts. The only way to slay the demon is to stab it in the heart when it's hungriest.

Long story short, Jennifer kills Needy's boyfriend, Needy kills Jennifer (but not before being bitten on the shoulder) and is put away in a mental institution. Then she breaks out (using what appears to be super-human strength) tracks down the crappy band that started this all, and kills them in their hotel room before making a quiet getaway. Go Needy!